The 'Fountain of Imagination' colouring booklet will be here soon

I'm busy working away on the next 5 page colouring booklet, this one is called 'the fountain of imagination' and features children living vibrant fantasy lives. As children we have a rich and captivating capacity for imaginative play, we all remember that a stick could instantly become a wizards wand or a fishing pole in our little hands. We fought with dragons, rode unicorns, dreamed up pirate treasure maps or dinosaurs at the bottom of the garden.

Part of the charm of this new passion for colouring for adults is that it takes us back to our childhoods, it is relaxing as a hobby because it takes us back to a time when we had no responsibilities and life was a stream of never-ending days and fighting to stay awake for just five more minutes.

The enjoyment of colour and the freedom to express yourself is healthy, and even if it's just a quiet 5 minutes you get to yourself to drink a whole cup of coffee while your children wield the pens or if you indulge in the pleasure yourself I hope you will find some amusement and enjoyment from these new drawings...just waiting for your imagination


Sarah x