In the shop now, a new range of dragon mobiles, bright jewel like colours with iridescence, bring a touch of magic to any room.

Well the latest addition to the wearable wings range, I've still not listed these as there's some finishing touches to do. You can check out facebook for the work in progress on these.

Been a while since I posted on the website, been a busy start to 2016! Hot off the workbench are a new range of wearable wings and to celebrate growing to 8k followers on facebook I'm running a giveaway. Click here to enter for your chance to win these prototype Large Rainbow Wearable Fairy wings.

Good luck!

Sarah xx 

That's right Moonies, a new freebie colouring page is now available, simply click here and download your copy (the watermark will not appear in the download version, and colour away some stress free hours. 
Many of us colour to de stress and improve our mood and this new design is part of a new set of colouring pages that feature sayings that remind you that you're important and to take some time to care for yourself. As many of you know mental health is an important topic for me so this is a subject I find very interesting.

I'd love to see your coloured pages so please share them with us on facebook :)

Sarah xx

New colours have been added to the range of Dragon Scale eggs in the shop, so they are now available in red, purple, green and blue. this is just the start of decoration plans in the pipeline.
Incoming are Dragon baubles and other treats that would make your Christmas fantastical or be awesome dragon additions to your year round decor.

I'm pretty excited about it and I hope you are too ( I surely earned an extra biscuit for avoiding the obvious pun there xx)

I was tempted to go with going bats but chickened out in the end, butt here are new bat items from Mad March Moon this October. Necklaces, Earrings and hair clips so far in black and red, black and purple and black and green to follow :)

We don't make an enormous thing of Halloween here in the UK but it's still a bigger holiday here than it used to be, although I have very fond memories of the games we played at home on Halloweens when I was a kid, apples on a srting and trying to get a bite, ducking for apples, getting the sweet out of the mound of flour etc led to some real belly laughs.

In later years Friday the 13th marathons on vhs, where the real trick was to predict the method for the next grizzly death before it happened.

This year I'll be waiting to hand out sweets and oohhh and ahh at the wacky costumes the villages children sport and hoping there will be something left in the bowl for me at the end of the night.

It's not all bats though, there are new fairy wing hair combs too :)

Head over to the shop to check out the new additions 


Well the answer to that is probably yes...I've been developing a few new products for my jewellery range, which has mostly been about adding some glitz :)

There are now glitter dragon earrings, just in snow queen for now but other colours to follow, which have the acetate and iridescent layers plus a layer of beautiful ice blue micro glitter and hand painted details including glow in the dark eyes.

The Glamour Fairies will like the new Glitter Rainbow Fairy wings, which is the first in an expanded range of fairy wing earrings which will be revealed as we head towards the festive season.

And last but by no means least there are the new dragon hair combs which are lovely for longer hair styles.

All available in the shop now :)

Make your own lush Festive cards this year using the range of paper cut 3D festive cards, with instructions and fold guides wowing your friends and family has never been easier. With a range of designs that suit both beginner or experts it's a lovely project now the nights are drawing in.

More designs will be added to the Mad March Moon etsy shop over the coming months, but they've been released now so you have plenty of time to get cracking with your handmade Christmas.

There are personal use and commercial versions of the card templates. And if you are a Moonie Mailing List subscriber you will receive the Winter Forest 'house' template for free :)


As the facebook followers will know I've been working on a poseable shoulder dragon for the last couple of weeks. His name is mischief and he is nearing completion. Currently he's a bunch of colours as that's been the velvet clay I've had available but he will soon be getting his all over paint job.
I still have commissions to complete behind the scenes as it were before I open commission slots for Dragons, please sign up for the Moonie Mailing list if you would like to be notified when these slots will be up for grabs as they will be limited.

I'm pleased to announce that I have also been selected to join Handmade at Amazon, which is an exciting new selling platform for handmade artists.

The Moonie news letter will be going out in the next few days, it will have an exclusive layered papercut template this month so please sign up if you haven't already


So many Dragons, so little time :)
Trying new things at the drop of a hat...these are gauged earrings, something I'd never done before. I will in time be making fake ones for those with normal sized holes in their ears.
If you'd like to tell me about something you'd love to see me make then drop me a message or post in the suggestions box album on the Mad March Moon Facebook Page...I do love a challenge!

Also added Black versions of the Dragon Earrings and Ear Cuffs this week as well as new Dragon Hair barrettes, phoenix ear cuffs, Dragon Hair Chopsticks and a Hand Dragon Wing, but mostly I have been working behind the scenes on illustrations for a childrens book so I've been a bit quiet social media wise...I feel like there's not enough hours in the day!

Sarah xx