Artemisia and her friend - now named Blossom - have limbs and are as fabulous as ever! They are both finished and have flown to new homes to spread some magic.
Inspired from Aremisia's wings, those mermaid fin earrings were created in the same manner. The hand painted 3D veining and iridescent micro pearls give texture and catch the light, making them shimmer in a soft rainbow of tones. You can find these earrings in the shop. They are available in 14 gorgeous colours.
Artemisia's companions are coming to life with their wonderful colours. The red-green chap has been named Firefae, a very suitable name indeed! After another great milestone for Mad March Moon's facebook page, Firefae went to a new home as part of a giveaway. Make sure you become a member of the Moonie family and never miss out on opportunities like this.
Two new dragons came to join Artemisia and fill the room with beautiful colours. Great progress is being made! Artemisia started getting her paint job in a spectrum of blue, purple and pink metallic tones. The other two dragons are smaller and spread their wings with gorgeous reg-green and blue-green colour combinations.
More progress is being made on the Flower Dragon. With the help of my Facebook followers I was able to find a name for her. Meet Artemisia! Scales are starting to be added on her body. She looks amazing in the sunlight and she's filling the room with colour as her wings and fins act like stained glass.
A new dragon in the making, in a colourful aquatic theme. The wings have hand piped transparent veining and a new thing, tiny iridescent bubbles! She's sporting a double-wing look and flamboyant head adornments.
Lovely rainbow glass teardrop beads hand wound onto a deep purple wire curve, inspired by fern fronds and ammonites, let all your colours shine with this pretty pendant and long silver plated chain with lobster clasp. Find it here!
It's always wonderful to see where your creations are being used. Antonio has used my craft wings with this pretty doll, love seeing where my little wings pop up! For more of his beautiful work, check out his Facebook page.
Amazing pics of the Large Gothic Dragonfly wearable wings being modeled by the beautiful Dragonfly. These were custom made for this beautiful lady and can be made in any colour!
These vintage rose fairy wings have been finished and listed in the shop. They're perfect for both children and adults and are fully poseable. With glitter and crystal accents on the wing tips and miniature rose buds to add the extra touch of magic