Here's a pretty seahorse mobile about to be packed up to shimmer off to it's new home. These do make me smile. They are hand strung from a 7 and a half inch wooden hoop. The 6 hand embellished glittery seahorses move and catch the light, with the iridescent transparent colour casting amazing shadows and reflections as they gently turn in the slightest breeze.
A new set of wings has arrived at the shop! With glitter and crystal accents on the wing tips and rose accents to add the extra touch of magic. Purple to Blue blush transparent colours flashing from amethyst to lobelia blue depending on the light.
A sneak preview of the blue purple blush wearable wings here, as well as the normal vintage rose and the new absinthe fairy green ones.
A closeup of the glitter rainbow fairy earrings. They are enhanced with a carefully applied sparkle of glitter in a light blue and tiny little beads of purple glow in the dark paint.
Nice flight of dragon mobiles hanging out in my workshop today. Mostly rainbow dragons but one Teal one holding his own.
After a break due to moving house, work continues! These absinthe green wings are the greenest green and shimmer from lime to deep emerald in the light. Lightweight and fully poseable, they are ideal for both children and adults.
Rainbow bird style wings for a vintage horse with jointed legs and head that's going to be a Pegacorn. My 5 year old niece is the designer on this one, so there will be an infusion of pink as well as more rainbow to come.
The new wings have been paired with their dragons. There are 7 in total in progress, from a teeny weenie 15cm one to a massive 80cm!
Working on a cute cobalt dragon ring/bracelet. The thing I love about making these is that each one turns out so unique. This one has some of the techniques used for the flower dragons.
Started working on wings for a new batch of dragons now that Artemisia, Firefae and Blossom have all found new homes. Similar wings to the dragon ones will also be made into wearable wings!