New addition to the Mad March Moon Family. Meet Pippin! He's lab-collie mix with a tiny bit of bedlington terrier and whippet.
Had 5 mins to work on something new, hopefully more about these soon. Trying to get as delicate a look as possible and more butterfly like than the other designs. These will be frosted translucent and don't have an iridescent layer so they'll stay pale and white with a light glitter and hand piped detailing. Only the one top wing so far though!
Gothic Dragonfly wings and a pair of small 'plain' ones, I'd love to make a super massive pair! Here you can see the difference in sizes. Find them in the shop!
New pretties! These earrings will be done in a full range of colours. The iridescence makes the crow wings especially reflect greens and purples just like you'd have in a real wing. They have hand piped detailing to give a 3D effect. Will be sorting necklaces using these wings too along with wearable versions. A micro version of the crow earrings is also available.
A pair of custom peach fairy wings was created for Chantal Mallett Bridal Couture and their amazing fairy bride. You can see the wings in action in this video and this short film from the National Wedding Show.
Rare sighting of a snow queen ring/bracelet dragon. Emerald green chap keeping her company in the background. Keep an eye out on the Mad March Moon facebook page for an upcoming giveaway!
This photo was shared on facebook by none other than Whoopi Goldberg herself! You can see her wearing some Mad March Moon magic in this video. Speechless!
New gothic dragonfly earrings with hand piped detailing. The colour is transparent and rich which fades to clear at the tips. 9 colours to choose from.
Magical Bird wings, with all the colours of the rainbow. Rich transparent colour that looks almost glass like, the wings are made from layers of acetate which is a type of plastic, they have transparent detailing piped on the surface to give a 3D effect. Now in the shop!
The dragon suncatchers are now also available in a rainbow! Why have one colour when you can have them all? They hover in a coloured wire ring, catching and reflecting light and adding a bit of dazzle to your home. They are also available in 8 other dazzling colours here.