Lovely new colours have been added to the micro fairy wing earring family! You can choose from 6 new combination of rich colours, ranging from Jelly Tot (seen above) to Rainbow Glass, Absinthe, Fall Flame, Fruit Cocktail and Blue-Green (seen below from left to right). As always, the hooks used for all earrings are sterling silver, but an upgrade to 9ct solid gold is available here.
There were only 7 pairs of these Frost Fairy earrings and that's all I could make as this colour was a printer error, so not going to be able to create them again. These micro earrings are a pale blue blush with the iridescent layer and they have extra added bling. All pairs have found new owners, but more colours are available in the shop!
I know I shouldn't mention the holiday that comes after Halloween yet, but these are dragons for your tree! With extra special festive colour matched glitter accents, oh yes. I wish my camera would take a pic of them with lights behind because they look sensational. Have a fantasy Christmas this year and add some winged magic to your tree! The festive dragons are available in 13 stunning colours. Find out more about them here!
Still about seahorses here this morning! Micro ones this time though, nice relaxing Monday morning activity this one. Find them here!
Something new and a little different! I think the silk leaf ribbons have worked really well with the rainbow seahorse suncatcher. These seahorses are double sided so this would work just as well as a mobile not just lovely hanging in your window. This makes a great gift for any sealover or beachcomber especially those stuck indoors on gloomy days, bring a bit of summer sun to the room whatever the weather. Find out more about the seahorse suncatchers in the shop!
Finding it tricky to get into my stride with these paintings, too much in my head I think, but progress is being made!
It's been a while since the last giveaway, so it's time for one lucky person to make this lovely pair of wearable wings theirs! The giveaway will run until the 31st of October 2016. In order to enter, follow this link (it will take you to the Mad March Moon facebook page) and follow the instructions there!
Unusually for Wales the sun is shining and it's breathtaking here today, only problem is that when the sun hides behind a cloud I'm temporarily blinded until my eye adjusts. So proceeding cautiously as I don't want to end up with boo-boos!
Making off some details with masking fluid and laying down some washes. It's a long time since I worked with watercolour and my masking fluid is more like porridge but I'm sure it will still work fine, just a bit tricky to apply!
Making a start on these well past due watercolours. Lots of work-in-progress photos to come from this project! They're for a lovely book about the Easter Bunny, which I admit is not very seasonal right now as we head towards Halloween but there you go! Will try and do something macabre in between to balance things out. I get so busy that it' easy to fall behind with some projects. I have an opera going magpie figurine half done too!