Playing about with a new batch of Blossom Dragons today, these were started way back before I moved in August, and only had time to work on them now. There are 3 more in this flight than in the picture, including a red dragon and a really huge one!
A new size of dragon mobiles has joined the flight, with an impressive 16inch wingspan, seen in the photo above on the left. They will be available in the same colour variations as the normal and large mobiles. There is also an even larger dragon mobile in the works!
These micro earrings are the smaller version of the popular dragon earrings. They're more delicate and a lot of work has gone into making them in this size - just 6cm! At the moment they're available in a rich Ruby Red colour and more colour variations will be added over time. On the last photo you can see a comparison between the full size and micro earrings.
A "work in progress" shot of these 3 beauties coming to life an getting ready to fly to their new home!
A Single Large beautiful transparent colourful iridescent hanging dragon. Hand made with individual layers of acetate and iridescence each dragon carries a little teardrop gem. The iridescent layer means as the dragon moves in the slightest breeze the colours will shimmer and flash as light passes through or is reflected from the dragon making them look like rainbowed glass. They look great hung in front of a window but would bring some magic to anywhere in your home. Available in the shop in 12 stunning colours.
This brand new creation, the Dragon Twist Ring, comes in 9 amazing jewel like tones. Made from transparent acetate and detailing done by hand, each dragon stands on aluminium wire with a little colour matched diamante in the end of the tail.
Just in time for Christmas, these Snow Queen dragon scale ear cuffs are here to capture the magic of winter and spread some sparkly cheer. Made from individually crafted iridescent glittered scales in shades of ice blue, each scale has an iridescent layer behind its transparent colour and so reflects and shimmers in tones of pale blue and pink. These also come in earring form, for both pierced and unpierced ears.
Yet another successful giveaway was held over at Mad March Moon's facebook page, this time for this gorgeous pair of wearable fairy wings. They have safely arrived to the lucky winner. Make sure you follow Mad March Moon for a chance to win goodies in future giveaways!
Bring a smile to the fairy lover in your life with this colourful fairy wing bracelet! The fairy wings are made from acetate and are light as feathers. They have rich transparent colour and cast beautiful shadows in sunlight. The blue spiral wire follows the curve of the bracelet and sets the wings off to great effect. A tiny diamante on each side of the wings adds a little bling and sparkle. You can create a beautiful fairy set with the matching micro fairy wing earrings!
Two new colours have been added to the Dragon earring family, taking the variations to 9. Blood Red and Deep Purple are here to enchant you with their rich colours and playful iridescence.