It's been a busy Month at Mad March Moon :D There's been a fantastic response to the 6k Moonie give away over on facebook, and if you've not entered yet there's still a chance as the give away end tomorrow (Saturday 27th) so get your skates on!

I'll be starting work on a purple dragon in a few weeks and getting organised for taking commissions on the pillar of fire type dragons...these will be limited and I will be announcing when those slots will be made available via the Moonie Newsletter so plase sunscribe to ensure you don't miss the announcement. The commissions will be sold as listings on the etsy shop with a full price payable before work starts, of course you will have a say in choice of colour and type of dragon within reason. I won't be offering payment plans for this commission slot batch but I will be doing so in the future.

I'll be a bit quiet as I work on a series of book illustrations for the next couple of weeks, after which I'll be heading to the barn studio to get the pre orders for fretwork dragons cut, which has been a long time coming!

Sarah x


Here's the video of the prize for the 6k Moonies Giveaway which is running over on facebook, yes you can win this hand sculpted Dragon-Draigtan.


There's no sound, there was too much background noise from the pub nextdoor!
Sarah xx

This Saturday will see the launch of the 6K Moonies give away on facebook, to celebrate 6,000 followers, it's been a busy few years and I can't believe that many people have chosen to follow along with my creative endeavour ...thank you

So as I like to give something back and often run give aways on the mad march moon facebook page this is no different, the prize on offer is a great one this time though. One lucky Moonie will win Draigtan the Fire Dragon who balances on a magical pillar of fire stand, all hand made by me...He's an impressive beast and you can check out different stages of his creation over on facebook.

You can gain an extra entry to the give away draw by joining the Moonie mailing list to receive the Mad March Moon Newsletters...all sunscribers will automatically be entered for the draw for the winner...which means if you are also a fan on facebook you can enter there too and double your chance of getting lucky.

This style of dragon will also be offered as a made to order item in the etsy shop once Draigtan is completed and I have decent photographs to show. These dragons will be available in any colour not just red and black.

Sarah xx


This fiery Phoenix Sun catcher os now on the shop along with Phoenix earrings right now :)
Made from multiple layers of iridescent coloured actetate and suspended on a copper wire ring he is affixed to your window with a clear suction cup. He is 28 cm tall and would make an eye catching addition to your home.


Today I am all about the fire! This phoenix is a design I drew a few years back for a tattoo idea, but I'm working with it again today so expect to see some fiery new additions to the Mad March Moon jewellery range in the next few days...are you ready to feel the heat Moonies?

I'll be writing up a review of the new material I've been working with soon...velvet clay is an air dry modeling clay that's not like anything else I've ever worked with but my mind has been set alight by the possibilities of this new medium and I can't wait to get my hands on some more of it :)
It's taken me a long time (years) to find a UK supplier and am really thrilled to have finally cracked that one. The fantastic Sue of Cottontail Crafts is who I need to thank! 
I will also be working on producing a range of tutorials for this product and I'm also really interested to see what the Moonies can come up with using it too, so if you would like to join me in this adventure grab some from here, Sue is waiting on delivery so if there isn't any showing as in stock on the Cotton tail site please bookmark it and check back as she is regularly resupplied. I know she would like to see our creations too.

If you have any questions about anything you see me working on please don't hesitate to ask, there are some processes that I wouldn't want to share but many things I would be more than happy too, and I can always demure if I need too so don't stay quiet! For me it is often the simplest stages of something that I can't figure out and they tend to be the thing people don't even mention in tutorials etc as to them they seem so obvious, so for me there is nothing wrong with asking about the basics. I love to learn new things and it's part of my passion to experiment and try something different or use it in a new way. As ever thank you to all the Moonies for following along with me both here and on Facebook.

Sarah xxx

This beautiful delicate lariat style silver plated necklace features A single iridescent Dragon wing. Grab yours from etsy here

The Dainty silver plated chain features a silver leaf charm which acts as the slip point for the lariat, the chain with the Dragon wing pendant attached slips through the charm allowing you to wear the necklace in many different ways, the chain will stay in the position you desire when worn, the necklace has a clasp at the back so there is no need to slip the necklace over your head.

You can have the charm sitting right against the pendant and so worn higher on the neckline or you can have the chain very long which would look amazing with a plunging neckline or at any spot in between.

The subtle shades of the rainbow catch the light and are truly stunning, the iridescent layer makes light dance and shimmer and really sets off all skin tones. The Dragon wing pendant has a little peacock bead either side of the jump ring which add that final touch of sparkle.

The design comes in 11 different colours all of which have an iridescent film layer inside which brightens and enhances them, as the wings are transparent the light both illuminates and reflects giving a constant changing effect.

Please choose your colour

1 Blue Turquoise (shown in first 4 pictures above)
2 Green Yellow
3 Blue
4 Orange Yellow
5 Pink Purple
6 Red
7 Green Blue
8 Blue Purple
9 Rainbow 
10 Black Ruin 
11 Snow Queen

The full range of colours can be seen in the last picture above. 

They are also as light as feathers!

The chain length is 54cm + the Dragon pendant which is 8cm long, the lobster clasp at the back has a 6cm adjustment chain so the whole length can be shortened if needed.

These are the perfect pairing with the very popular Dragon wing earrings which can be found here


© Sarah Evans Mad March Moon Designs 2015

Head on over to Facebook Moonies for a chance to win these Dragon wing earrings in the 'Black Ruin' colourway.
The chance to win is open unitl 8pm on the 18th of June so don't delay.

Sarah xx

The 2nd Moonie mailing list will be going out later this week, don't miss out on news, behind the scenes info and your free colouring page, exclusive to Moonies Mailing list subscribers.
Please make sure to follow all the steps when signing up for the newsletter...including confirming your subcription by clicking the link in the confirmation email you'll recieve after joining. This might turn up in your spam folder so be sure to add mail frmom to your 'safe' list.


Been a lovely busy couple of weeks with lots of new ideas being created. Hard to believe they all sprang from the acetate scales made for Iridan the Dragon Puppet.
There's been 2 give aways so far and another one to start today in collaboration with Brainbound Creative which is really exciting. 
With plenty of new ideas bubbling away I'm loving very minute, thank you all for following my creative endeavors, being able to do what I love is a priviledge and can have it's ups and down but my Moonies keep me going xx

Dragon Scale Wing earrings are sure to turn heads!
These scales were originally made to cover a huge dragon puppet I was making and I wanted to recreate the colours and jewel like finish of beetle casings and peacock feathers, it just seemed the most natural thing to see if they could make some magical earrings.
Made from individually crafted iridescent scales in shades of turquoise, blue and indigo each scale has an iridescent layer behind it's transparent colour and so reflects an shimmers in tones of green and purple. The scales are assembled to resemble wings.
All of the photos are of the same pair, the colours change that much depending on the way the light hits them.
They are more complicated to produce than my normal earring styles and I can see myself developing more products using this technique.
With a 7 cm total drop length they catch the light to show a rainbow of colours from the blue end of the spectrum. 
The earrings each have tiny iridescent peacock beads either side if the silver jump ring. 
The ear wires are Stirling silver so they will be comfortable for wearing for every day use without discomfort.
The clip on earring version are Silver plated and 'soft close' so are also very comfortable and are very light in weight.

Available now in the Shop!