It's time for a sale! These gorgeous gothic dragonfly earrings will have their price reduced until the stock is gone. They come in nine stunning colours and the option to choose among ear hooks, latch backs and clip-ons. Get yours here.
Working on updating the wearable wing bling, this now has four different size diamante gems on all sides of each wing along with the colour toned hand applied glitter (not even sure how you could automate that!). So sparkly!
Lotus and her baby Tucker, decked in lotus blossoms and running full tilt. One more template for the Carousel Animal series. Those adorable rhinos are available in the shop, both for personal and commercial use.
Fidget the carousel pig and Nimble the carousel rabbit have joined the Mad March Moon family of carousel animals. They belong in the second series of papercut templates for this theme, with 20 animals throughout both series! There are even plans for a 3D series, so have your scalpels at the ready. Both Fidget and Nimble can be found in the shop, each with separate listings for personal and commercial uses, as well as the rest of the carousel animals.
Starting work on this small blossom flower dragon face. Easier to tell them apart by eye colour at this point. This one is little yellow. Will be needing help with names for this flight of 5! There's this Yellow eyed one with black body so far (bodies will be coloured eventually). There's a Blue eyed with Black body A Pink eyed with white body A Green eyed with red body And a Green eyed with Black body So get your thinking caps on! You can suggest names on Facebook!
Here's a dragon fin cut out with all the embellishments done and a light behind it. I really like the effect. These have taken far longer than I would have thought though!
Perfect for those expecting two bundles of joy, this papercut template is from the hand drawn design and shows twins holding hands and looking like little cherubs. This template comes with permission for you to add your own text so you can add names dates and birth weights as you desire. You can find more info and purchase this template here!
The sun is shining and more fins are coming along, this time in fresh pink and blue tones. Twenty sheets of fins all in all and cutting them out can be quite the task. It's all about scissors here, because the trusty scalper cannot be used on acetate.
Making Dragon fins for the second day in a row, slow going but worth it. These fins include all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. The hand piping and little transparent bubbles make them look like they've been touched by morning dew!
These dainty micro dragon earrings now come in Blue Green too. Which would you choose? The red ones can be seen below. You can find both beautiful colours as well as all information about the earrings in the shop!